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My name: sasha boii
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From: Malaysia
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Yunida Yaacob
Latest entry:My Niece..YAYA..she's born with it!
she is simply i ask her to pose..she will strike 5 other new poses each easy to work with her.. :-D View this Fotopage entry
nazri ismail
Latest entry:tukar rumah baru...
klik di sini untuk ke blog... :-D :-D :-D :-D :ar15: :ar15: :ar15: :ar15: :ar15: :ar15: :-) :-) :-D :-D :-D View this Fotopage entry
Lensa Khaleefa
Salam buat semua.. Mybe ini adalah post yg terakhir sy utk kat fotopages ni sbb saya dah berpindah ke Yup!! my own web site is already right there.hehehe... so please kindly visit my website le yea... atau ke untuk lebih byk lagi sample2 gambar.. :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D Semuanya still in progress & update.. :-> :-> View this Fotopage entry
mofahano photography Mofahano Photography 2008 | 2009) membuat tempahan Mofahano Photography) pakej perkahwinan Lyianaz Bridal) Sila semak tarikh sebelum membuat tempahan. Tempahan untuk tahun 2009 dibuka sekarang!! Tempahlah sekarang sementara slot masih ada. View this Fotopage entry
mohd nadzri
Latest entry:Band and model photoshoot
View this Fotopage entry
mr takky
Latest entry:::Promo-Booking for 2011::
2010 & 2011 Packages Price Engagement Packages RMXXX - sticky album - unlimited shoot - 100-120 edited pcs 4R (4'x6') - Quality mockup sticky album with cover print - 8R pic with frame - Unlimited shoot soft copies pictures burn in DVD RMXXX - custom album - unlimited shoot - 20-22 pages (10 x 12) custom album with editing page printed - 8R pic with frame - Unlimited shoot soft copies pictures burn in DVD Wedding Packages [ Classic Package ] RMXXX - sticky album (akad nikah ... View this Fotopage entry

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